*The Quest*

What quest?
In search of what?
All the same?
For every breathing-heart-beating-living creature?

THE quest!
The meaning of everything!
Unique and yet all the same!
Our definition!Ocean

          Ongoing, known at the end, every experience, relatively…

*That Time of Year*

*That Time of Year*

Too many degrees
Too much warmth
Too much water
Only to lose it all again

Summery breeze
Along the sea
Water drops here and there
Easier breathing

All an illusion
For now
I'll get there


*Smoothies: Yay or Nay?*


Healthy? Delicious?

Too much?


What about the amount of sugar?

All very good questions… Thing is I’m drinking one right now: oranges with peaches, that’s it! I like it!

When it’s homemade without adding sugars and other unnecessary additives you can call it more or less healthy.

Delicious? Well yes of course! Various types of combinations can be made…

Too much? It depends when you are drinking it. Usually when you order a smoothie, you get a tall glass but when you drink it at breakfast for example and you have already had more than enough to eat then a smaller glass is sufficient… This is sort of mirrored in the amount of calories…

The amount of sugar is all up to you. If you buy smoothies at the market then everybody knows it’s “full” of additive sugars, colorants, conservatives,… you name it!
Smoothies already have the sugars you “need” namely the natural sugars of the chosen fruits… Is this bad? No, not necessarily! We do need sugars, but everything in moderation… I’m sure you saw that one coming 😉

Usually when you use a juicer, you lose a lot of the fibers. This is unfortunate because these fibers are precisely one of the essential elements for a good bowel movement… Too much? No? No, but this is a known fact 🙂 A good alternative is to use a blender!

Nowadays the green smoothies steal the show! It is said that it’s better to drink a green smoothie made of mostly green vegetables and one fruit. Fruity smoothies – like the sound of that 🙂 – will keep you satisfied for a “short” period of time: your blood sugar will peak fast enough only to drop down as quickly. What does this mean? Well, for one thing if your body does not need these sugars right away, it will store these as fats which will be added to your fat reserves… We don’t want that right?! Secondly, you will have a quicker craving for sweets which you will interpret as hunger…
The thing about green smoothies is that your blood sugar will not peak as fast, you will have a longer sated feeling and you will have ingested your daily portion of vegetables! Because let’s face it, we all want to eat more vegetables, but sometimes it’s not that “easy” for a lack of a better word 😉

Again, everything in moderation…

What is your opinion on this topic?


*Question mark*


Where to go? What to do? Where to stay?

Sunlight, fresh air and green energy for now is what I crave…
Usually we forget to just be… and to actually make time to enjoy the simple things in life…
Taking a walk, cooking your favorite dish, focusing on your breathing, eating your best-loved desert, having a pampering me-day, laughing for no reason, last-minute decision to go somewhere which probably does not fit in your daily schedule (or so you think), reading, writing, dancing, singing,…

“Without organisation, there’s chaos” – “True”

Sometimes we forget to actually live and enjoy the here and now.
Even when you’re doing something that you’re not enjoying completely – like the daily chores we love so much 🙂 – try to stop for a second and reflect about how you’re spending your time at that moment…
What I’m trying to say is,  strive to find – or to uncover if you will – the subtile pleasant details of that specific activity…

“Balance is everything” – “True”
“Letting go is healthy” – “True”

You know what else is true? Talking or writing about it is easier than actually doing it… So yes, an effort is required. For some more than others. But I believe that happiness has a strong effect on health in general. So if 1+1=2 you know what to do…

I am starting this blog because I enjoy writing. I will post various topics concerning health issues, recipes, fun facts in general,… and well I will see what I will come up with 😉 And of course comments are welcome…